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Date: Mon Oct 28 2002 - 22:22:15 EST

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    Doug Ewell scripsit:

    > 1. It must be based on Unicode code points. For True- and OpenType
    > fonts, this implies a Unicode cmap; for other font technologies it
    > implies some more-or-less equivalent mechanism. The point is that
    > glyphs must be associated with Unicode code points (not necessarily
    > 1-to-1, of course), not merely with an internal 8-bit table that can be
    > mapped to Unicode only through some other piece of software.

    If it's a FIGlet font, of course, it's automatically Unicode, since FIGlet's
    table is 32 bits wide.

    > In a Unicode font, U+0041 cannot be mapped to a capital A with macron,
    > as it is in Bookshelf Symbol 1; nor to a six-pointed star, as in
    > Monotype Sorts; nor to a hand holding up two fingers, as in Wingdings.
    > (But it can be mapped to a "notdef" glyph, if the font makes no claim to
    > supporting U+0041.)

    In fact, these fonts map these glyphs to U+F041. Only when seen as 8-bit
    fonts do they map to 0x41.

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