Re: RE: Character identities

From: Adam Twardoch (
Date: Tue Oct 29 2002 - 22:06:41 EST

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    > Do we again need an intelligent font that understands language tagging?

    This should be achievable with OpenType, no?

    > Do we now have different flavors of Unicocde, one for English, one for
    Icelandic, one for French, one for German ... ?

    In most of the cases described be you, you can still have just one Unicode
    character but different glyphs representing it. In OpenType, you could
    assign glyph substitutions to some features such as "historical forms" and
    do it on a language-dependant level.

    > Should an English language font render as oe, so that Gthe appears
    automatically in the more normal English form Goethe?

    If you refer to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, his name is *not* spelled with
    an "" anyway.

    > The use of macron for dieresis is somewhat a different matter. If a
    particular style of German script uses a line for a diaeresis, then indeed
    the diaeresis in that script has fallen together in appearance with the

    But this doesn't mean that you have to encode it just once. Unicode should
    be of what characters *mean*, not what characters look like. Unfortunately,
    for spatial reasons, many lookalikes have been consolidated. But you can
    intelligently "split" them with OpenType. You can have styllistic sets that
    you choose basing on your preferred writing.


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