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Date: Thu Oct 31 2002 - 02:05:25 EST

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    (After sending this unadvertedly to Dominikus only, here's
    for the list also...) On 2002.10.30, 16:26, Dominikus Scherkl
    <> wrote:

    > A font representing my mothers handwriting (german only :-) would
    > render "u" as "u with breve above" to distinguish it from the
    > representation of "n". I don't know how my mother would write a text
    > containing an "u with breve above",

    FWIW, I've seen the handwriting of an elder German esperantist, and he
    does exactly that: he puts breves above each and every "u", both on
    those which have it and on those which don't -- slightly confusing...

    On the brink of off-topic-ness, something of that sort is made in
    handwritten cyrillic (at least in Russian tradition): the "triple wave"
    of a lower case "t" is distinguished from the "triple wave" of a lower
    case "shch" (*) by means of a stroke above the former and a stroke below
    the latter.

    (*) Not that I'm an enthusiast of this transliteration...

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