Re: ct, fj and blackletter ligatures

Date: Sun Nov 03 2002 - 07:34:19 EST

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    On 11/02/2002 08:24:06 AM Thomas Lotze wrote:

    >> Indeed, it seems more likely that one
    >> would need to use a Fraktur font with ligatures encoded with a code
    >> number below 255,
    >Why below 255?

    It's a good question, why below 255. It indicates a lack of understanding
    of how fonts work -- at least TrueType fonts on Windows, which I'm pretty
    sure is what William is most concerned with. The glyphs that get encoded
    in TrueType fonts for Windows have always been encoded using Unicode, and
    not all in the range U+0020..U+00FF. Even the characters in the Western
    codepage are encoded with codepoints ranging from U+0020 to U+2122
    (decimal 32 to 8,482).

    - Peter

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