Re: The result of the plane 14 tag characters review.

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Fri Nov 08 2002 - 11:16:41 EST

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    William Overington <WOverington at ngo dot globalnet dot co dot uk>

    > As the Unicode Consortium invited public comments on the possible
    > deprecation of plane 14 tag characters, will the Unicode Consortium be
    > making a prompt public statement of the result of the review as soon
    > as the present meeting of the Unicode Technical Committee is
    > completed, or even earlier if the decision of the Unicode Technical
    > Committee has already been finalized?

    You asked this question during the last UTC meeting, and the answer will
    almost certainly be the same this time.

    Neither the Unicode Consortium nor the UTC issues press releases or
    "public statements" on the outcome of a vote in a meeting. There will
    be minutes published, probably several weeks after the meeting is over.
    To the extent that this week's decisions will influence the next release
    of Unicode, there will be publicly available information about the
    changes at that time. But do not expect a news bulletin about Plane 14
    language tags comparable to, say, what CNN or BBC would say about the
    attack in Bali.

    Because there were four public review items for the first time this
    week, it's possible that members of the UTC will fill us in shortly on
    what was decided. This will happen *after* they fly back home from New
    Hampshire, unpack their bags, and get done wading through hundreds of
    backlogged e-mail messages. As someone who is obviously quite
    interested in the outcome of the Plane 14 discussion, I hope to hear
    something too. But it will not be a press conference with flashbulbs

    -Doug Ewell
     Fullerton, California

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