ISIRI 6219:2002

From: Roozbeh Pournader (
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 07:25:25 EST

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    We just got our hand on the published copy of the Iranian National

      ISIRI 6219:2002 Information Technology -- Persian Information
      Interchange and Display Mechanism, using Unicode

    It is dated November 2002, and is about viii+33 pages.

    The standard is mainly guidelines for encoding Persian texts in Unicode,
    and tries to solve some of Unicode ambiguities in handling the Persian
    language and the Arabic script locally.

    An unofficial online version (which is exactly the standard minus its
    cover) is available from:

    A paper copy may be acquired at the price of 4125 IRR from:

      Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran
      PO Box 31585-163
      Karaj, IRAN
      Fax: +98 (261) 280-7045

    Roozbeh Pournader,
    for the FarsiWeb Project Group

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