Bengali Aye and ISCII

From: Anirban Mitra (
Date: Sun Dec 01 2002 - 00:24:20 EST

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    Unicode is considered a superset of ISCII 91 except extended vedic
    charecters. However while trying to develop a convertor from ISCII
    to Unicode for Bengali, I faced the following problem.
    Unicode FAQ states that for sounds like "a" in "admission"
    transliterrated in Bengali, you have to use
    VowelA_Virama_Ya_MatraaAa. This is backwards incompatible with
    ISCII. On the other hand, ISCII based appliacation (like
    iLeap)considers this combination as a new Composite vowel and codes
    it to the code point corrosponding to Candra_E of Devanagari. This
    use is quite logical as both has same pronounciation and used in
    identical situations. Moreover ISCII do not allow placement of a
    virama after a vowel as virama strips a consonant from its inherent
    vowel and hence can not sit after a vowel.
    Another problem is ISCII-91 considers Bengali Ya equivalent to
    Devanagari Ya_nukta and Bengali Yya equivalent to Devanagari Ya.
    But unicode considers the opposite.
    Pardon me for posting same question again, but I did not receive
    any answer from Unicode experts last time I posted the query.
    Dr Anirban Mitra

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