Re: Localized names of character ranges

From: Anto'nio Martins-Tuva'lkin (
Date: Mon Dec 02 2002 - 14:22:12 EST

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    On 2002.12.01, 11:44, Lukas Pietsch <> wrote:

    > I just wondered if anybody at Microsoft has noticed that the names of
    > the Unicode ranges used in German localized editions of MS Office are
    > woefully inadequately translated.

    Precisely the same problem in portuguese. :-(

    > Just to be constructive, here's my suggestions for a better translation:

    That's highly commandable, and I was tempted to do the same, but is
    there really a point? After all these are block names, and we know how
    inadequate they are per se. I mean, U+0023 is not real a part of basic
    latin script, rather a currency unit. etc. IMO, MSWord should follow the
    same approach as MSCharMap.

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