Re: Unihan Mandarin Readings

From: Andrew C. West (
Date: Tue Dec 03 2002 - 05:17:08 EST

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    "John H. Jenkins" wrote:

    > Certainly in the Unicode 4.0 time-frame we can improve things. I can't
    > make any guarantees, however.

    Thanks for the response. I've got an old 3.1 version of the Unihan database at
    home, and I was going to complain that the Radical.Stroke index values given for
    U+20003 through U+200ED inclusive are in fact the Radical and Stroke index
    values for the preceding ideograph. Checking the latest (3.2) version of the
    Unihan database this morning I found that this problem has now been fixed (not
    the Mandarin readings though), so I guess it pays to ensure that you always have
    the latest version of Unihan.

    BTW, is it possible for Unicode to provide a Unihan.xml version of the Unihan
    database ? The first thing I do is convert the Unihan.txt file into XML format
    for ease of processing.


    (P.S. Sorry about the bouncing cc - this address seems no
    longer to be accepting errata)

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