Searching for CJK etc characters on electronic media

From: Smith, Mike (
Date: Sun Dec 15 2002 - 14:54:58 EST

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    I frequently need to search computer storage media for words in
    languages such as chinese, japanese, korean, russian etc. Currently I
    have been using tools that primarily display the computer values as
    ASCII or hex. The search tool has no display capability for unicode
    values (or glyphs).

    When I re-order the UTF-16 value to hex (ie flip the bits) I get a large
    number of false positive hits on the hex values. Further, when I look
    at the surrounding hex values to ascertain the context of the keyword
    'hit' I am finding that it is extremely difficult to deduce a meaningful

    Can anyone assist me with an approach and or tools that can assist with
    reading and searching computer media that contains CJK etc characters?

    Thanks in advance

    Mike Smith

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