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Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 08:15:26 EST

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    On Mon, 16 Dec 2002 04:46:10 -0800 (PST), "Andrew C. West" wrote:

    > Strangely, U+5481 wasn't in Hanyu Da Cidian

    Duh! Of course it was there when I checked again at the weekend (3-253), and has
    the three readings Thomas said Hanyu Da Zidian gives (HAN2 "milk" from Yu Pian;
    XIAN2 = U+55DB; and GAN4 for the modern meaning).

    If Hanyu Da Zidian and Hanyu Da Cidian both give GAN4 for the modern reading of
    U+5481 I for one would prefer that reading to GEM4. Ci Hai also has such
    non-Mandarin syllables as NGU2 for U+5514. The principle of Pinyin are clearly
    defined (and like most PRC dictionaries Ci Hai includes a copy of the Hanyu
    Pinyin Fang'an as an appendix - even if it does not fully adhere to it), and
    syllables like GEM4 and NGU2 are simply not allowed.

    On the other hand, a reading of FIAO4 for the dialectal ideograph U+8985 may
    sound odd to a Mandarin speaker, but it is perfectly acceptable according to the
    rules of Pinyin ("F" is a valid initial, and "IAO4" is a valid final). FIAO4 is
    the only reading for this ideograph given in Hanyu Da Cidian, Ci Hai and Xiandai
    Hanyu Cidian, but interestingly, Unihan gives it a reading of BIAO4 - not sure
    where that reading comes from.

    > You've sown a seed of doubt in my mind now. I think I got the reading from the
    > Kangxi Zidian again, but now that I think back YE1 does ring a bell ... I'll
    > check again.

    And of course, the Kangxi Zidian does actually give a reading of YE1 ... no idea
    how YI1 got into my head ... I think I must have been brain-dead all last week.

    Sorry if this is getting somewhat OT.


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