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Date: Tue Dec 17 2002 - 04:34:19 EST

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     Barry Caplan <> wrote
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    > Actually, it is not Unicode which is nt mature enough. It is SMTP,
    > the core mail transport protocol. It is not 8 bit clean. It is very
    > clear in the RFCs that only 7bit data is allowed "over the wire".

    I have to correct this because it may seriously cast doubts about the
    ability of Internet email to send Unicode files.
    > There are various extensions and kluges described in various RFCs
    > (ESMTP, MIME, etc. )

    All these extensions are referenced in the same RFC, 2821, which is
    the authoritative one about SMTP. I do not know any mainstream SMTP
    server which does not implement them.

    The most important for us is 8BITMIME:

       Eight-bit message content transmission MAY be requested of the server
       by a client using extended SMTP facilities, notably the "8BITMIME"
       extension [20]. 8BITMIME SHOULD be supported by SMTP servers.

    > but they are not universally implemented at the server transport
    > layer,

    This is absolutely wrong. sendmail, Postfix and qmail allow 8-bits
    transport for a *very* long time.

    > But for arbitrary email from one address to another, you can't rely on it.

    I send Latin-1 (ISO 8859-1) emails for more than ten years (and
    without using quoted-printable or other similar hacks) to
    French-speaking people in various parts of the world and I'm still
    waiting for an actual problem.

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