Re: converting devanagari to mangal unicode

Date: Tue Dec 17 2002 - 07:12:57 EST

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    On 16/12/2002 22:02:36 "Magda Danish (Unicode)" wrote:

    >> I have a data in devanagri true type font i want to convert
    >> this data into mangal unicode.


    For Windows or Mac use: If you want to convert data from one encoding to
    Unicode, one option is to look at the free TECkit package. There are many
    non-Unicode encodings of Devanagari, so I'm unable to guess how your data
    is currently encoded. TECkit is table-driven, i.e., you find or prepare a
    description of the mapping between your encoding and Unicode, and then
    TECkit uses that description to convert data. You may even be able to find
    a mapping description already prepared as TECkit can use the XML mapping
    definitions from ICU (see For more
    information about TECkit or to download it, see

    Depending on the characteristics of your encoding and your desire to do a
    bit of programming, you may also be able to incorporate the ICU
    (International Components for Unicode) library into your own program to do
    the conversion you need. See for more

    NB: One of the complexities you may run into, and which will limit your
    options, is that your encoding may store text in a different order than
    Unicode requires. If this is the case, TECkit can do the rearrangement for
    you but I'm not sure ICU will easily do that. Certainly the current
    standard for XML-based descriptions of encoding mappings as given in
    Unicode Technical Report 22 (see ) cannot express such


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