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Date: Tue Dec 17 2002 - 12:16:27 EST

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    At 10:52 -0500 2002-12-17, Jungshik Shin wrote:

    >I sincerely hope the proposed character set won't become a second case
    >of Hangul precomposed syllables albeit in a scale about 10 times smaller.
    >It'd be interesting to see how South Korea will vote on this. It may
    >not be easy to vote against it because of its past 'sin'.

    One could hardly argue for an industrial reason for such a change, as
    was argued by Korea for Hangul at the Geneva meeting of WG2.

    >Is there any opentype/AAT font for Tibetan? Do Uniscribe, Pango,
    >ATSUI, and Graphite support them if there are opentype Tibetan fonts?
    >In addition to the principle of character encoding, the best practical
    >counterargument would come from a demonstration that Unicode encoding
    >model for Tibetan script does work in practice.

    I guess the Tibetans will be shown one at the October meeting of WG2
    in California. I did speak to them at the meeting and informed them
    about appopriate font technologies.

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