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From: Anto'nio Martins-Tuva'lkin (antonio@tuvalkin.web.pt)
Date: Wed Dec 18 2002 - 12:43:31 EST

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    While persuing a different subject, I come across the notion that in
    late-1930ies Karelian cyrillic orthography (or at least in one of its
    versions), the equivalent of latin "j" is rendered as an umlauted

    This makes sence considering the political linguistical goals of the
    successive cyrillization policies of 1935-1940 in the Soviet Union,
    centered on some degree of russification of all orthographies. (A very
    high such degree in Karelian, BTW!)

    Unicode includes pre-composed ciryllic "" and "" (U+04D2 / U+04D3 and
    U+04E6 / U+04E7), used also in this Karelian cyrillic orthography --
    though seems to lack a precomposed umlauted U+044F.

    No problem, of course, even if I suspect that most browsers will make a
    mess of the я̈-sequence I plan to soon add to a page about
    Karelian flags I edit, at < http://www.flagspot.net/flag/su-rukr.html >.

    (I wander what they ever did to cyrillize "j"... If "jo" becomes
    U+0451, then perhaps "j" analogously becomes umlauted U+0451 -- i.e.,
    an U+0435 with a 2x2 block of dots above it... Hm, will search and

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