Re: Coptic II?

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue Dec 24 2002 - 07:54:20 EST

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    At 11:44 +0000 2002-12-24, John Clews wrote:

    >However, just out of interest, is there a brief rationale from those
    >involved in UTC as to why that separation of Greek and Coptic is a
    >"good thing"

    >while any proposal to add a Cyrillic Q and W, and to have a separate
    >sequence for Georgian Nuskhuri letters (as well as for the existing
    >Georgian Mkhedruli letters and Georgian Asomtavruli letters) would
    >be a "bad thing"?

    Mostly it has to do with inertia and attachment to earlier (false)
    unifications. Having said that, it remains for appropriate papers to
    be written to convince the hard-liners of the wisdom of these
    disunifications. That takes time and effort.

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