Decomposing U+047F

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Date: Thu Dec 26 2002 - 23:27:19 EST

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    Cyrillic letter "Ot", U+047F (upper case: U+047E), used in Old Slavonic
    texts, is graphically a cyrillic omega (U+0461 and, upper case, U+0460;
    equally archaic), with a "90-deg. clockwise rotated E" above it -- quite
    like one of the usual (current) glyph variants for upper case cyrillic
    "T" (U+0422), with some kind of hypertrophiated serifs.

    Therefore, a possible decomposition of U+047F could be U+0461 U+036D,
    relying on the rendering mechanism to alter the shape of the diacritical
    "t" based on the base letter, and considering the "trans-script" nature
    of Unicode diacritics (I.e., you dont need a specifically cyrillic "t"
    diacritical for the same reason you dont need a specific cyrillic breve
    for russian short "i".)

    Not really a serious proposal, but what would you think?

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