Re: Oh No! Not a new Adobe Glyph List!!!

From: John Hudson (
Date: Wed Jan 01 2003 - 14:40:11 EST

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    At 11:14 AM 1/1/2003, Michael Everson wrote:

    >I want to use friendly names for development, but I don't mind using
    >uniXXXX names for the release versions. But I would like standard tools to
    >translate between, and that means there should be a more-or-less standard
    >list of friendly names.

    Not really. You can develop any non-dependent (i.e. non-machine parseable)
    arbitrary naming system for development. All you need is a mechanism to
    switch between this and the final font names (whether they be AGL, uniXXXX
    or a mixture of both). The method I use is to maintain a spreadsheet of
    production names and final font names, and from this derive lists to use
    with a Python script in FontLab. The script goes through the font and
    changes all the glyph names in accordance with the lists I've made.

    Michael, if you check the recent posts on the FontLab user community on MSN
    (I seem to recall that you are a member), you will see that I have uploaded
    the three custom mapping files that we use at Tiro for mapping AGL, uniXXXX
    and production names to Unicode values during production. These are also
    derived from the spreadsheet mentioned above, and you can use them to
    produce your own name mapping lists (replacing my production names with
    your own preferences). Then all you need is the Python script, which I
    believe Adam Twardoch is happy to share with people.

    You might also be interested in the programme at the Linotype TypoTechnica
    event in Heidelberg this February, where I'll be running a workshop on this
    subject. See

    John Hudson

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    Vancouver, BC

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