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    Sorry, I wanted to post this reply to the list but I
    was in hurry and didn't check the email address in
    "to" field.
    Here is a list of character names, their Unicode value
    and languages that I know:

    Sindhi Character Names:

    Tteheh (067A)
    Beeh (067B)
    Teheh (067F)
    Beheh (0680)
    Nyeh (0683)
    Dyeh (0684)
    Tcheheh (0687)
    Dahal (068C)
    Ddahal (068D)
    Peheh (06A6)
    Keheh (069A)
    Ngoeh (06B1)
    Gueh (06B3)
    Rnoon (06BB)

    Persian Character Names:
    Peh (067E)
    Tcheh (0686)
    Jeh (0698)
    Gaf (06AF)
    Ae (06D5)

    Urdu Character Names:
    Tteh (0679)
    Ddal (0688)
    Rreh (0691)
    Noon Ghunna (06BA)
    Heh Doachashmee (06BE)
    Hai Gol (06C1)
    Yai Barree (06D2)

    --- Michael Everson <> wrote:
    > Someone just wrote me privately:
    > >Most of the characters, like Keheh, are the actual
    > names of these
    > >characters in the languages they belong to. Keheh
    > is the name in
    > >Sindhi for this character.
    > Wow! Thanks!
    > --
    > Michael Everson * * Everson Typography * *

    Lateef Sagar Shaikh

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