A case for Tamil-X (k sh)

From: Avarangal (avarangal@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Jan 06 2003 - 04:43:26 EST

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    At INFITT WG02, a discussion is goin on about encoding x as a character and not as ligature.

    x is not always ksh.

    so rendering problem occurs, when one is chosen, the other is not possible.

    ie, with rendering enabled one can not have ksh, but only x.
    without rendering only ksh is possible and not x.

    are typical examples of different ways of writing and pronouncing.
    ie, the rendering system breaks.

    An analogy is

    en in English is a single consonant (though written as en), but
    en in penguin is two independent consonants.

    When ligaturing technique is used and assuming the ng has a single symbol then representing both e+n and en are not possible.

    Tamil only have one of these unusual character x. Others are practised a+b or ab depending on where it occurs in a word. But x has it's own form and k sh form in independently.

    hence there is a need to add a new Unicode character X for Tamil.

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