RE: Unicode Standards for Indic Scripts

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Wed Jan 08 2003 - 08:12:00 EST

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    Michael Everson wrote:
    > At 06:43 +0000 2003-01-08, Manoj Jain wrote:
    > >Dear Friends,
    > >
    > >The existing Unicode Standards for Indic scripts have some
    > discrepancies.
    > What does that mean? What are "discrepancies"? Can you summarize? I
    > will download the very large files, which will take some time, [...]

    As you probably discovered, by now, the three files are just three issues of
    a *NEWSLETTERS* by the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology
    of India.

    I downloaded the first two issues, but I see no mention to any formal
    proposal to Unicode. Perhaps it's in the third one.

    Amongst many other piece of news, the newsletter reports (in a short notice
    on page 7 of the 2nd issue) that the MAIT Consortium on Language Technology
    met on September 2001, and recommended that the Unicode "font layout" for
    some Indic scripts be modified. Representatives of the Ministry of
    Communications & Information Technology, who where present at the meeting,
    promised to "take up these recommendations with the Unicode Consortium".

    _ Marco

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