Re: newbie 18030 font question

From: Markus Scherer (
Date: Thu Jan 16 2003 - 14:09:50 EST

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    GB 18030 is defined with a 1:1 mapping table to Unicode. It has large code spaces for user-defined
    characters, but the standard repertoire is the same as Unicode's.

    In practice, all modern browsers work internally with Unicode no matter what page charset is
    received. They all convert from the page charset to Unicode, and for form submissions convert from
    Unicode back to the appropriate charset.

    GB 18030 is supported by some newer browsers, but Unicode will be more reliable. (Usually UTF-8 for
    HTML, but UTF-16 is also possible.)

    In other words, your browser will display Unicode text even if you send GB 18030. Unicode fonts are
    all you need. You might have to look for fonts with large repertoires though. Others on this list
    will be able to point you to such fonts.

    For GB 18030 support it is sufficient to support the repertoire (Unicode allows this) and to be able
    to input and output GB 18030 via conversion - most vendors do it this way.

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