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From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Sun Jan 26 2003 - 14:50:41 EST

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    On Sunday, January 26, 2003, at 10:13 AM, Raymond Mercier wrote:

    > Given a plain text unicode file, with the opening byte FEFF, and which
    > displays correctly in Notepad on a PC.
    > What facility is available on a Mac to make this file display
    > correctly ?
    > I am trying to help a colleague, who has MAC OS IX, and I need to tell
    > him what font will cover Greek and Extended Greek.

    Do you mean Mac OS X, or Mac OS 9?

    For the former, TextEdit would work fine. If your friend is on Mac OS
    X 10.2 or later, the system font, Lucida Grande, has a full set of
    glyphs for Greek and Extended Greek. Otherwise any of the free Greek
    fonts on the Internet would work.

    On Mac OS 9, the situation is a bit grimmer, as there aren't many
    Unicode-savvy applications. SUE would be one option. You should be
    able to find it using Google.

    John H. Jenkins

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