RE: Suggestions in Unicode Indic FAQ

From: Keyur Shroff (
Date: Thu Jan 30 2003 - 07:12:40 EST

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    --- Marco Cimarosti <> wrote:

    > I add that this is a good way of displaying a combining mark that has no
    > base character, i.e. one occurring at the begin of a line or paragraph.
    > However, I totally agree with Kent that this funny rendering is *not* a
    > requirement of the Unicode standard, as Keyur Shroff seems to suggest. It
    > is just an example of many "several methods [that] are available to deal
    > with" strange sequences.

    A sequence should not be treated as "strange" sequence if it has been
    written intentionally. It may have some contextual meaning.

    > > Any combining characters can be placed on any base characters without
    > > there being any dotted circles displayed.

    Not only that, but it is also desirable. How can one write a vowel matra
    both with and without dotted circle in a single document if Unicode
    recommends to place it only on top of space character? Matra with dotted
    circle is sometimes useful as in the case of printing/explaining Unicode
    standard. A user may want to hide dotted circle in the same document in
    order to explain the actual shape of the matra character, i.e., without
    dotted circle. Both kind of rendering behaviour is possible. There should
    be some mechanism either to turn on or off dotted circle depending on the
    default behaviour.

    Also, what is good or bad is also subjective. It may also vary from one
    script to another.

    - Keyur

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