Arabic Presentation Forms

From: Mete Kural (
Date: Fri Jan 31 2003 - 00:56:55 EST

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    Hello Unicode-List,

    I need to figure out a method to convert Arabic
    Unicode text encoded in its normal form to Arabic
    Unicode text encoded in Arabic presentation forms. So
    the Unicode of each character having an Arabic
    encoding (ex: 0622) would be converted to the
    equivalent Arabic presentation form encoding
    (ex:Fxxx). Thus if the character was a letter "Lam" in
    the middle of a word, it would be encoded with the
    corresponding presentation form encoding.

    Do you any suggestions on how I could convert a piece
    of Unicode text in this manner? Are there any programs
    that could do this?

    Thank you very much for the information.

    Mete Kural

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