Beta Coming (was Re: Public Review Issues update)

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 14:39:08 EST

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    Doug Ewell noted:

    > As for Issue #6, "Unicode 4.0 Alpha data," there hasn't been much new to
    > review so far. The first Unicode Data.txt file to contain the new
    > character assignments in Unicode 4.0 was posted only a few hours ago!
    > Eleven days might not be much time to check through 1200+ new
    > characters. I will, however, state the obvious by pointing out that the
    > Scripts.txt file (among others) needs to be updated to reflect the new
    > characters.

    The beta review for the 4.0.0 version of the Unicode Character
    Database is coming. It will be formally announced once the
    editorial committee can get a core set of data files up and available.
    As Doug noted, the first version of UnicodeData.txt with the full
    set of additions for Unicode 4.0 was just posted last night.

    There will be some instability of files in the 4.0-Update
    directory for a few days as we roll out additions before
    the formal announcement. Unless you are a gung-ho pioneer,
    you might want to hold back until the formal beta
    announcement. :-)

    In the meantime, don't worry about the February 14 deadline for
    alpha review. That will be superseded by the dates for
    the beta review. However, the earlier the UTC can get
    feedback on errors found in the data, the sooner the committee
    can get to a final release of Unicode 4.0.


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