VS vs. P14 (was Re: Indic Devanagari Query)

From: jameskass@att.net
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 13:24:39 EST

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    Peter Constable wrote,

    > The plain-text file would be legible without that -- I don't think this is
    > an argument in favour of plane 14 tag characters. Preserving
    > culturally-preferred appearance would certainly require markup of some
    > form, whether lang IDs or for font-face and perhaps font-feature
    > formatting.

    Any Unicode formatting character can be considered as mark-up,
    even P14 tags or VSs.

    The advantages of using P14 tags (...equals lang IDs mark-up) is
    that runs of text could be tagged *in a standard fashion* and
    preserved in plain-text.

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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