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Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 17:08:37 EST

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    At 16:47 -0500 2003-02-05, Jim Allan wrote:

    >There are often conflicting orthographic usages within a language.
    >Language tagging alone does not indicate whether German text is to
    >be rendered in Roman or Fraktur, whether Gaelic text is to be
    >rendered in Roman or Uncial, and if Uncial, a modern Uncial or more
    >traditional Uncial, whether English text is in Roman or Morse Code
    >or Braille.

    We have script codes (very nearly a published standard) for that.

    By the way, "modern uncial" and "more traditional uncial" isn't
    really sufficient I think for describing Gaelic letterforms. See for a sketch of a
    more robust taxonomy.

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