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From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 02:11:30 EST

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    Chris Jacobs <c dot t dot m dot jacobs at hccnet dot nl> wrote:

    > If I have a right to left text in unipad and if I use then a UCN \u
    > notation, then this notation is treated by bidi as left-to right text.
    > Is this what bidi is supposed to do? I don't like this behavior in
    > text editors.

    Universal Character Names (UCNs) are a popular and effective shorthand
    notation for representing Unicode characters. A UCN is not, however,
    "identical" to the character it represents, in the sense that a
    precomposed character is "identical" to a base character plus combining
    mark(s). It is an ASCII escape sequence and is treated like any other
    sequence of ASCII characters.

    > I would like a right to left char be treated as a right to left char,
    > even when the char itself is composed of left to right chars.

    But it's *not* a right-to-left character. It's a sequence of six LTR
    characters that *represents* a RTL character.

    Asking a text editor to display the ASCII sequence "\u05c0" as RTL, but
    to display the ASCII sequences "\x05c0" and "/u05c0" and "\uO5cO" (with
    capital letters O) and "\u04c0" as LTR, just seems bizarre and would
    surely be more confusing than the current state of affairs.

    > If I have in a text editor:
    > כי יהוה עי\u05e0יו משטטות בכל הארץ
    > then I don't want the text to break.

    Then you should go ahead and convert the UCN sequence to a real NUN
    (resulting in כי יהוה עיניו משטטות בכל הארץ). This is supremely easy in
    UniPad; there's even a toolbar button for it.

    -Doug Ewell
     Fullerton, California

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