RE: Never say never

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 18:57:38 EST

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    > Marco Cimarosti wrote:
    > > It has been repeated a lot of times that no more precomposed character
    > will
    > > never ever ever ever be added. ...

    I trust the clarification from John Cowan helped on this -- there
    is no prohibition against adding characters with *compatibility*
    decomposition mappings, because compatibility decompositions do
    not recompose under normalization.

    Maurice Bauhahn responded:

    > In Unicode 4.0 there is a whole block (in the base plane, no less) of
    > precomposed characters representing Khmer lunar dates (similar to vulgar
    > fractions though lacking agreement, perhaps, on what the 'middle' character
    > might be):

    There are not technically "precomposed characters" by Unicode's
    definition, since they have no decompositions. They are just
    complex symbols which do not decompose into a sequence of
    other characters -- although it is obvious that they are
    made up of parts themselves.

    This is in some respects similar to the fact that Unicode
    also does not decompose any Han characters, although those
    also are obviously constructed of subparts in the usual


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