Re: Indic Vowel/Consonant combinations

Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 18:14:19 EST

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    No halant is needed. What appears as the stand alone R vowel with a
    superscript reph hook above is the rendering of the r consonant (U+0930) and
    the vowel sign vocalic R (U+0943). This is demonstrated by the chart of
    consonant and vowel combinations in Despande's Sanskrit primer (I don't have
    a copy at home to give a page number) and the sorting in Monier WIlliams'
    Sanskrit English Dictionary (page 554, middle of second column) where we find:
    1. "nir_uha" (_u for long u)
    2. "nir.ri (.ri for the vocalic r)
    3. "nire"
    In the first and third of these the standard vowel sign is used leading to
    the conclusion that reph above the stand alone vocalic is how the r consonant
    + vocalic r vowel sign combination is rendered.
              Jim Agenbroad (retired, at home at )

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