RE: Never say never

From: Andy White (
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 19:23:30 EST

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    Michael Everson wrote:
    > At 06:53 +0000 2003-02-12, Andy White wrote:
    > >What gave you the power to suddenly come up with encoding
    > innovations
    > >such as this?
    > Andy, you're being silly.

    No, not silly, but yes, I was overreacting a little bit maybe ;-)
    (sometimes I puzzle over why such a thing should bother me at all,
    really. But I guess that's the meaning of life:)
    > >The FAQ has continually been queried and criticised since it was put
    > >up, but you are seriously going to stand by it aren't you.
    > Andy, if you have a valid criticism then write a proper discussion
    > paper showng the glyphs and the particular problems explicitly. And
    > proposing replacement text. Otherwise, the FAQ will stay as it is, I
    > am sure.

    When ever I have written a paper or mentioned errors and problems with
    the Indic FAQ, there is always an overall lack of response on this list.
    This has lead me to believe in the past, that you guys are not
    interested. If this were not the case I am sure I would have written
    many papers and replacement texts by now.


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