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Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 20:25:22 EST

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    >I have put up some samples of the Bengali version of the letter Wa here:

    I will comment on this in another post.

    Sailendra Biswas' transliterations seem odd.

    o = a-y-aa (with dot above y), ō = a, oo = au, o-short = o
    s = j-ri, t = tta-virama-zwnj, u = aa, u-short = d-ii
    v = bha-virama-zwnj, w = o-y (with dot above y)
    -ade = i-dd, -āde = e-i-dd, -al = l
    -ation = a-y-aa-sha-n (with dot above y), -ātion = e-i-sha-n

    I wonder why there are dots above in o, w, and -ation

    war [o-y-a-y(r)] again with a dot above the first y but not the second.

    What's the dot for? Does Biswas give a transliteration for initial e
    + ya-phalaa?

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