Re: traditional vs simplified chinese

From: Paul Hastings (
Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 13:10:15 EST

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    > So I think Zhang Weiwu is suggesting a heuristic algorithm for
    > discriminating a unicode text which is already known, or assumed to be, in
    > Chinese.

    well the site will deliver chinese content w/doublechecking browser locale,
    etc. so yes, most likely chinese users.

    > to encounter at least one "ge" u+500B or u+4E2A? One "wei" u+70BA or
    > u+4E3A? One "shuo" u+8AAC or u+8BF4? It wouldn't take long to figure
    > this out.

    might for me ;-)

    > Marco Cimarosti has questioned, why do you need to classify text as being
    > simplified or traditional?

    if i understand their needs correctly, its to implement a search system with
    search phrases of either "type" of chinese--content would be in both types.

    > So, basically all you would be doing is providing a convenience for your
    > readers, making it easier on their eyes to read your web documents in
    > either traditional or simplified according to their preference. I know
    > that something like that would help me -- sometimes I forget the
    > traditional version of a character, and sometimes I forget the simplified
    > version. It would be very cool if I could just press a button on a web
    > site to switch the display between the two ;-) .

    from what i understand this isn't something they've considered but sounds
    pretty cool.

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