RE: traditional vs simplified chinese

Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 03:31:05 EST

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    > > I know little about Chinese, but I have the impression that it is much more
    > > common for several traditional characters to correspond to one simplified
    > > character than vice versa. If that's true, it seems to me that it would make
    > > most sense to fold to simplified.
    > Hmmm ... Suppose I'm searching for some relatively obscure traditional
    > character that occurs mostly in Wen Yen (u+6587 u+8A00 : Classical
    > Chinese) and has a very specific meaning in Classical Chinese. This
    > character gets "folded" or "mapped" to a fairly common character in modern
    > bai hua (u+767D u+8BDD) Chinese, and then the search proceeds. The result
    > set contains hundreds or thousands of irrelevant results related to the
    > modern meaning, and I still have to sift through them looking for the
    > needles in the haystack. I'll try to provide a concrete example once I
    > think of one ... it's been a long time since I studied Classical Chinese.

    A search interface can first show the exact or "more exact" matches, and only
    after that show the "less exact" matches. Of course how this works with the
    user interfaces of the applications is a different story.

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