Re: BOM's at Beginning of Web Pages?

From: Martin Duerst (
Date: Mon Feb 17 2003 - 17:36:53 EST

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    Some comments:

    - If you can avoid it, don't use a BOM at the start of an UTF-8
       HTML file. It will display nicely on more browsers.

    - The W3C Validator accepts the BOM for
       HTML 4.01, and also XHTML. It probably should produce a warning.
       It did when I originally added code to handle it. I have requested
       that it be added again.

    - Adding a BOM/ZWNBSP to the whitespace definition is a bad idea,
       because it would allow a ZWNBSP in all kinds of places where
       not seeing a space would be confusing (e.g. between attributes).
       Also, HTML 4 is only being maintained, not being developed.

    - That HTML 4.0 allows ZWSP (​) as whitespace in is for
       line breaking/rendering reasons (Thai), within element content.
       This is in conflict with the whitespace definition for syntactic
       purposes, which is formally given at and does
       not include ZWSP (​). I have filed a request for

    - RFC 2279 does not approve or disapprove of the BOM. Both Unicode
       and ISO 10646 allow the BOM as a signature for UTF-8. RFC 2079
       is being updated. See

    - For XML, a BOM at the start of UTF-8 is allowed by an erratum at But similar to HTML,
       better to not start your XML files with a BOM, because there are
       XML parsers out there that don't like it (and this was okay at
       least until 2001-07-25).

    - The BOM is both rather handy in a Windows/Notepad scenario and
       seriously disruptive in an Unix-like filter scenario (which may
       also be on Windows). I have found that Notepad doesn't need the
       BOM to detect that a file is UTF-8 if it has enough other information
       (this is on a Japanese Win2000, your milage may vary). It would be
       nice if it had a setting to not produce a BOM.

    - I append a small perl program that removes an UTF-8 BOM if there
       is one. Quite handy, I use it regularly. Feel free to use and change
       on your own responsibility.
       (i.e. if starts to eat up your files, don't blame me!)

    Regards, Martin.


    # program to remove a leading UTF-8 BOM from a file
    # works both STDIN -> STDOUT and on the spot (with filename as argument)

    if ($#ARGV > 0) {
         print STDERR "Too many arguments!\n";

    my @file; # file content
    my $lineno = 0;

    my $filename = $ARGV[0];
    if ($filename) {
         open BOMFILE, "$filename";
         while (<BOMFILE>) {
             if (!$lineno++) {
             push @file, $_ ;
         close BOMFILE;
         open NOBOMFILE, ">$filename";
         foreach $line (@file) {
             print NOBOMFILE $line;
         close NOBOMFILE;
    else { # STDIN -> STDOUT
         while (<>) {
             if (!$lineno++) {
             push @file, $_ ;
         foreach $line (@file) {
             print $line;

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