RE: [OpenType] PS glyph `phi' vs `phi1'

From: David J. Perry (
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 07:38:37 EST

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    > Note that I don't say that it was a bad decision of the UTC
    > to clean up the situation. I only say that the found
    > solution isn't backwards compatible.

    No, it is not backwards compatible. But UTC found a problem and fixed
    it. Unicode is still an evolving standard, with characters being added
    and a few things fixed. That's life; nobody is perfect and complete the
    first time around. Better to fix things than to ignore them! There is
    something of a burden on programmers and font developers to keep up.
    And they should do so. (I am right now looking at the Unicode 4.0 Beta
    and seeing what needs to be added to my Cardo font.) I wrote about this
    phi situation over two years ago when I compiled a listing of all
    available polytonic Greek fonts; this is not a recent change.


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