Re: XML and tags (LONG) (derives from Re: Plane 14 Tag Deprecation Issue)

From: Youtie Effaight (
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 12:59:37 EST

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    Mr. William Overington wrote responding to Marco...

    >... you pretend to
    >respond to a non-existent company which cannot vote in elections
    >yet which may be able to pay to have a vote at a Unicode Technical
    > Committee meeting, which an individual cannot do! :-)

    As far as I know, nothing in the Unicode, Inc. bylaws would prevent an
    individual from paying for a full membership, and thus being able to vote in
    the Unicode Technical Committee. I'm sure they would welcome your dollars as
    much as anyone else's dollars.

    >Well, I think that a verbose writing style often assists clarity.

    It can also assist in inducing glazed eyes and reflexes to hit the delete
    button in mid-sentence.

    Yer Pal,
                  -- Youtie

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