[Private Use Area application] A font for research in multimedia authorship.

From: William Overington (WOverington@ngo.globalnet.co.uk)
Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 18:53:35 EST

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    Following discussion yesterday in another thread about changing text colour
    in multimedia text files, I have today produced a font as a tool for
    research in multimedia authorship. I have devised glyphs for 19 of the
    courtyard codes relating to text colour and encoded them in a font.

    The font is available for free download from our family webspace at the
    following address.


    People interested in having a copy of this font may find the following
    documents useful in applying the font.



    I have been experimenting with using the font with WordPad and Word 97 on a
    PC, where the glyphs give a monochrome indication to an author of which
    colour is being used. For example, I mixed English text in the Arial font
    with codes from this font in one document. The whole text of English and
    colour codes can then be copied onto the clipboard and pasted into SC UniPad
    (downloadable from the http://www.unipad.org webspace) in order to produce a
    compact file without the text formatting of Word or Word 97.

    I am hoping to carry out some experiments whereby such text can then be
    pasted into a text box of a Java applet and produce appropriately coloured

    Readers who would like to comment about the design of the glyphs or about
    the research are welcome to email me. I have found it interesting to design
    glyphs to represent colours in monochrome.

    William Overington

    22 February 2003

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