Unicode 4.0 beta characters.

From: William Overington (WOverington@ngo.globalnet.co.uk)
Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 11:56:54 EST

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    I have now produced a small font which contains my implementation of the
    U+2614 Umbrella with rain drops character, which is one of the new
    characters in the Unicode 4.0 beta documents.


    I have had a go at producing a glyph for U+26A0 Warning sign but am finding
    it a learning exercise to make it both crisply legible at 12 point yet
    artistic at larger sizes within the tight constraint of a triangular
    surround which must itself be clear. When producing the Unicode Standard,
    is there a point size at which glyphs should be recognizably displayable
    which is part of the criteria for characters? For example, is it regarded
    as fine if some characters in some languages cannot be displayed clearly
    below, say, 24 point? The map flags look interesting yet hopefully
    straightforward and I hope to have a go at them too, also the high voltage
    sign. The high voltage sign has the note "best glyph to be found" in the
    beta document U40-2600.pdf and I wonder what is the significance of that
    note please?

    In the same U40-2600.pdf document are six Yijing monogram and digram
    symbols. I wonder if someone could please say something about these
    characters as to their meaning. Also, and this is I feel an important issue
    for the beta process which could be of importance for other characters,
    could someone please give some guidance as to how these characters should be
    implemented as a piece of electronic type as there is no indication in
    U40-2600.pdf as to how this set of six symbols should sit within a character
    cell and relate to one another as to whether they should join to each other
    or must be clear of each other when side by side and how they should line up
    with text characters if in a font which contains many characters of various

    William Overington

    24 February 2003

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