Re: Unicode 4.0 BETA available for review

From: Yung-Fong Tang (
Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 15:01:44 EST

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    I am working on update the Mozilla UTF-8 code to incooperate the change
    of UTF-8 definitation in Unicode 3.1 (make non-shortest form illegal,
    and make 5-6 octets illegal) and Unicode 3.2 (make irregular form
    illegal) now. I wonder do have any change of the UTF-8 definitation from
    Unicode 3.2 to unicode 4.0? If we have, I would like to know that eariler.

    Asmus Freytag wrote:

    > The next version of the Unicode Standard will be
    > Version 4.0.0, due for release in September, 2003.
    > A BETA version of the updated Unicode Character
    > Database files is available for public comment.
    > We strongly encourage implementers to download
    > these files and test them with their programs,
    > well before the end of the beta period.
    > For location of the BETA files, known issues,
    > and how to report corrections, see
    > The comment period ends March 21, 2003. However,
    > comments that are not editorial will need to be
    > reviewed by the Unicode Technical Committee (UTC).
    > Comments received by March 3, 2003 will be in time
    > to be reviewed at the next meeting of the UTC.
    > Asmus Freytag
    > Technical Vice President
    > The Unicode Consortium

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