Re: guarani sign

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 16:53:14 EST

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    > When considering a proposal to include the Guarani currency symbol,
    > perhaps the Austral of Argentina should also be reviewed.

    Maybe someone else has already said this, but... Formal proposals are not
    automatically generated from the archives of this mail list by some magical

    So far, there has been lots of talk about this Guarani sign, and lots of
    good info & web pointers that could be rolled into a great proposal, but
    unless someone on this list actually picks up the pieces and follows
    procedures, nothing will happen.

    If anyone here has a real interest seeing either the Guarani sign or the
    Austral of Argentina encoded, they might consider taking it upon themselves
    to do the work. The guidelines:

    And if anything there isn't clear enough, I would be happy to interpret,
    and also to show you where to submit your final documentation, and shepherd
    you through the standards committee maze.

    Or you might want to tax-deductibly fund someone else to do the work:


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