Re: Unicode 4.0 BETA available for review

From: Stefan Persson (
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 13:51:44 EST

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    Kenneth Whistler wrote:

    >Unicode 3.0 defined non-shorted UTF-8 as *irregular* code value
    >sequences. There were two types:
    > a. 0xC0 0x80 for U+0000 (instead of 0x00)
    > b. 0xED 0xA0 0x80 0xED 0xB0 0x80 for U+10000 (instead of 0xF0 0x90 0x80 0x80)
    Ah, but encoding NULL as a surrogate character and then encoding those
    two surrogates as three bytes, making totally 6 bytes a character, would
    also be technically possible (though not legal), right?


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