RE: question about Windows-1252 and Unicode mapping

From: Cathy Wissink (
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 19:20:16 EST

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    Actually, that would be 19*9*8. The Euro was added to all Windows code
    pages except 932. In addition, the Z caron was added to 1252 at that
    time. The version of this code page first shipped on the NT platform
    with Windows 2000, and did ship on the Win9x platform with Windows ME.
    (I'm not sure about Win98[SE]--it may have shipped with SE, but I don't
    have a test machine here anymore to confirm that. I'm sure someone out
    there has reverse engineered the tables and can inform the list ;)

    The first version of Developing International Software came out in 1995,
    well before these additions.


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    From: Murray Sargent []

    I think the Euro at 0x80 for 1252 (and several other 125x code pages)
    was added in May 1988. Cathy Wissink can confirm this. It certainly
    happened before 1999, since we added support for it in RichEdit 3.0
    which shipped with Windows 2000 and Office 2000.


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