Re: Unicode Arabic Rendering Problem

Date: Fri Feb 28 2003 - 15:30:03 EST

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    The Mishafi font from Diwan:

    ...has over 3000 glyphs and is designed for correct display of
    the Quran. Presently, it is only correctly supported by Diwan's
    software applications. This suggests that your question about
    the issue could be answered that it may be both a font issue and
    an operating system issue, as well as an encoding issue like
    Yung-Fong Tang has pointed out.

    There are many fine Arabic script font developers working
    on OpenType Arabic fonts now, and we should see an increase
    in the number and quality of Arabic OpenType fonts in the

    Meanwhile, one approach could be to continue using the
    existing graphic format in order to provide proper and
    elegant display while adding plain text Arabic to each
    graphic page so that searching and indexing will work.

    U+0644-U+0623 gives your figure 3 on this system
    U+0644-U+0654-U+0627 breaks ligation
    U+0644-U+0627-U+0654 gives ligature but no hamza

    Still, I think Yung-Fong Tang is right about using U+0654 instead
    of U+0621.

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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