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Date: Sun Mar 02 2003 - 08:22:15 EST

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    >1. The sequence 'Vowel+Virama+Ya...' is illogical to scholars of
    >Bengali and indeed Indic languages in general.

    I refuted this yesterday by indication that this usage is an innovation.

    >2. Such sequences are not semantically equivalent to the intended

    ... sentence fragment.

    >3. There are no other cases of a Vowel+Virama combination in the
    >Unicode encoding model.

    Yes, there are. Khmer.

    >4. Yaphalaa is not equivalent to 'Virama+Ya'

    Yes, it is, as I showed yesterday.

    >5. ISCII implementations encode these letters as separate characters
    >corresponding to the Devanagari Candra A & E. Unicode should follow
    >the example of these implementations.

    No, it shouldn't. Unicode has a method for writing these sequences
    already and a second method for doing so should not be introduced.
    Use mapping tables to exchange ISCII and Unicode data.

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