Re: Malayalam Cillaksharams (was Ya-phalaa)

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Wed Mar 05 2003 - 16:32:42 EST

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    At 21:14 +0000 2003-03-05, Andy White wrote:
    >I am replying to this portion of the reply as I feel it is a very
    >important revelation.

    We weren't hiding it. This is part of the improvements to Unicode
    that have been made for 4.0. One of the tasks I was given was to
    improve the block descriptions of the Indic scripts if I could. Most
    have been improved rather a lot considering the time constraints we
    have had. In each case we endeavoured to address some of the problem
    areas. We are still editing.

    > > To reiterate our consistency in using this model, I will give you a
    >> Malayalam example.
    >> NA + VIRAMA + MA --> NMA (a single conjunct)
    >> NA + VIRAMA + ZWNJ + MA --> NMA (with a visible virama breve
    >> above and between) NA + VIRAMA + ZWJ + MA --> NMA (with the
    >> cillaks.aram virama curl)
    > > Michael Everson

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