Re: Question about CollationTest_NON_IGNORABLE.txt & NormalizationTest.txt

From: Markus Scherer (
Date: Mon Mar 10 2003 - 20:56:01 EST

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    No takers for this question? Let me try...

    askq1 askq1 wrote:
    > The CollationTest_NON_IGNORABLE.txt & NormalizationTest.txt contain
    > test-cases for sorting and normalization. The strings that are mentioned
    > in these files follow a specific order:
    > ...
    > I want to know if these files are organized considering case of unicode
    > characters? Means above rules are case-sensitive, is this right?

    Collation: Yes, as far as I know; the file should be in sorted order using 3-level UCA collation.
    Case is considered as one of several distinctions on the third (tertiary) level.

    Normalization: No. The main section is in code point order, and the others are arbitrary, I think.
    Case is irrelevant for this test.


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