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From: Timothy Partridge (
Date: Tue Mar 11 2003 - 15:17:32 EST

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    Ken recently said:

    > Not to disagree publicly with Michael or Mark on this, but
    > in the interests of accuracy, I should point out that if the
    > rest mass of the Unicode 4.0 publication is assumed to be exactly
    > 4.1 kg (which then would, indeed, also be the case on our
    > moon, or even a Jovian moon), and ignoring any relativistic
    > corrections for relative motion -- since it is unlikely that
    > anyone will be reading the standard while it is moving at
    > a significant fraction of the speed of light -- then we can
    > calculate the weight as being *approximately* 9.05 pounds
    > (avoirdupois) [or 10.99 troy pounds].

    I think relative motion cannot be ignored. The subjective weight will be
    much higher if the book is dropped on the reader's foot. Perhaps it should
    have very soft covers.

    Will the book have on the back cover a list of the languages that can be
    written with Unicode, and if so, what type size will be used?


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