per-character "stories" in a database

From: Markus Scherer (
Date: Thu Mar 13 2003 - 15:45:59 EST

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    It has been suggested many times to build a database (list, document, XML, ...) where each
    designated/assigned code point and each character gets its "story": Comments on the glyphs, from
    what codepage it was inherited, usage comments and examples, alternate names, etc.

    I am talking about both code points and "characters" on purpose, and I would go a step beyond
    documenting what's there. All the "characters" that can be represented by a sequence of assigned
    Unicode characters should be listed, with that sequence (or those sequences), and with further
    explanation if necessary.

    And further yet, for new proposals, the proposed characters should be entered into the database and
    tracked there with their intermediate and eventual status - rejected; representable by <a b c>;
    assigned at U+uvwxy. Proposed properties could be tracked, too.

    Now we just need to
    - find someone to sponsor this effort technically and with humanpower
    - squeeze the existing information out of the standard, the mailing lists, FAQs, and of course out
    of the Unicode veterans before they retire by Unicode 6...


    PS: Sorry, I am not in a position to volunteer...

    Frank da Cruz wrote:
    > ISO and the Unicode Consortium are to be commended for documenting
    > character sets not only by showing a picture of each character, but also
    > giving it a name.
    > The next step is to write a little story about each character: history,
    > etymology, applications, specs, anecdotes, controversies, ... For some
    > characters, this could be a book in itself.
    > - Frank

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